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The Click2Cruise platform comes with custom built site management tools, but where additional data needs to be imported or exported, in real time, we can integrate with 3rd party systems.

Integratable systems include CRM platforms, email marketing solutions, reviews and other social media technologies, and more.

Direct Connects

These are built when client requirements dictate that we need to source data direct from a supplier.
It’s a cheaper chain for the cruise lines, so in theory, better commercials can be negotiated. Multiple connections require more support, so pick your technology company carefully!

Last year we connected directly with the Complete Cruise Solutions API, and we are currently working on Disney, MSC and Carnival connections.

Multiple distribution channels




Firstly, your Click2Cruise website will convert traffic into revenue, and bookers into repeat bookers, effectively and reliably. This is the foundation of a multi-channel distribution strategy.

Tailored distribution strategies are devised by our experienced, travel-specific Online Marketing Team, who deploy a range of skills and resources to attract new customers, all whilst ensuring that existing customers are retained.

Having provided the technology behind leading cruise comparison sites like TravelSupermarket, Cruise Compare and Teletext, our clients have a distinct advantage when it comes to getting your brand on these high volume sites.

Bespoke cruise packages

Bespoke cruise packages

This feature – originally conceived as an extension to our dynamic pricing rules – has now evolved into a module all of it’s own. Now clients wishing to bundle ‘cruise only’ product with manually loaded flights and/or hotels, can do so easily, quickly and reliably.

Some clients are using it to ‘dress up’ distressed stock, others are making the most of high margin opportunities, but all are benefiting from the ability to create simple offers that track the live price of the cruise component.

This functionality is also being used very effectively by the CWT Digital cruise agents on the cruise comparison sites, where bespoke packages are being compared by eager shoppers.

Rich ship content

Rich Content

Rich Ship Content

Content – it’s rightly the online technology word of 2012, and never more pertinent than when talking about cruise websites. Even now, the cruise product is largely undersold by the imagery and text describing it online.

The cruise lines have neglected to invest in the content they provide, so in order to give our clients a competitive advantage, we have. With imagery selected by graphic designers, and copy written by experienced cruise experts, CWT Digital Cruise Content is more engaging, more informative and more effective at inspiring a visitor to book.

It’s exclusive to CWT Digital customers, and plans are in place to add videos, reviews and other content, to what is already a best-in-class cruise content database.

Exciting new tools

New tools to sell cruises

Click2Cruise has been ahead of competing technologies for over 5 years now, and you don’t achieve that without constant investment in research and development.

A culture of innovation, and a ruthless focus on what our clients actually need, combine to produce a constant flow of practical and relevant enhancements.

For example, recent pricing innovations include; tools to manage NET pricing, pricing rules at different stages of booking journey, and pricing rules to distinguish between commissionable and non-commissionable components.

Stunning design


A choice of design templates

The CWT Digital Creative Team is made up of graphic designers, usability experts, photographers, testers and animators. Anything involving the look and feel of a site is down to them, and frankly, their work is what makes clever coding generate revenue.

More modest budgets will often utilise the purpose built design templates, on top of which the team apply clients’ logos and colour themes, and more generous budgets can involve the full design process, from brand creation and mood boarding, to content creation and usability testing. In all cases, the CWT Digital standard of excellence is assured.

Crucially, templated design is not what makes the cheap alternatives on the market ineffective, it’s bad design. It will take us two minutes to prove this to you, so get in touch.

Current features of the platform

All major cruise lines

Live and upto date pricing

Specific sailing landing pages

Pricing tools

Offer management tools

CMS rotating banners

Basket look up

Call 2 book or Online bookable

Deck plans and Itineraries

Integrated SEO

Phone calls and visitor tracking

Secure online payment

Dynamic search form

Online booking reports

Integrated analytics

Content management system